Designed to prepare you to pass the new ATAVT Test.

Adaptive Tachistoscopic Traffic Perception Test (ATAVT)  is a computerised test used in assessing the speed and capacity of your perception. In this test a photo will be displayed to you for 1 second and then after you’ll asked to select what you saw from a list of options.


Here are some of the results you will gain:

  • Sharpen and TRIPPLE YOUR visual perception skills with this technology
  • Avoid border line pass and Instantly Enhance your Grade with this SYSTEM – so you can apply to all TOCs with confidence
  • Improve your short-term memory and process images faster than most applicants – so you get selected for the next stage
  • Enables you to use your eyes more effectively


Learn How To Pass the ATAVT Test with:

TRAIN DRIVER (Road Traffic) Perception Test Practice Material 


Available For Download Now.

Traffic Perception Test measures your ability to perceive traffic elements and respond correctly. In this test a photo of a traffic environment will be displayed to you in a second. You are then asked to recall what you saw in the photo.


You’ll learn:

  • How to pass ATAVT so you need not be worried
  • How to improve you scores by practise and testing yourself
  • The best way to prepare for your train driver assessments
  • How the ATAVT assessment process works
  • How to improve your observational overview
  • To train your eyes and your brain to see and process more in a second
  • To increase your chances of passing at first time
  • To improve your visual capacity
  • To develop your memory to recall flash images in 1 second with confidence


Key Features

  • Practising mode allowing you to review your answers and go back to make corrections
  • Testing mode emulating the real test conditions
  • Straightforward performance feedback
  • Easy and straightforward software designed to help you pass with confidence


Minimum system requirements:

– Processor at least 1.2 GHZ          – RAM at least 1 GB    – HDD at least 30 MB free

– Video resolution 1024×768

– Operating system at least Windows 2000 or XP

Note: Application doesn’t run on UNIX based operating system or Mac OS X


Some goodies to take note of:

  • Download is only compatible with broadband
  • Available for immediate download after purchase
  • No shipping cost, no waiting, you can have it on your PC now
  • Excellent customer support
  • Plus free software upgrades


Do You want to Pass your adaptive tachistoscopic traffic perception test (atavt)?

Research shows that you can improve to higher levels with training. This means that one sure way of passing this test is by practising. Your eyes are muscles so the more you train it the better your visual capacity becomes. The amount of time spent training have its benefits. For example you’ll find out that as the days and the weeks pass you will reach a higher level/ getting better than before/ you’ll be able to see pics in 1 second and identify what you see without guessing.


No room to guess on the train driver assessment day!


Download Your copy NOW and start training Your eyes muscles for that day.