Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a job as an underground train driver?

The London Underground Limited (LUL) – the train operating company which runs the underground does not recruit external candidates. Their recruitment for trainee train operator (driver) is very active. They have a reserve pool, in other words – a waiting list of employees who have passed the selection tests and are waiting to go on the tube operator course. You can take their selection tests as many times as you can. Their recruitment for tube operators is quite frequent. The only way it seems to get this job is to take a different a role which available for external candidates. Then once you become one of their employees, you then send in your application for a trainee tube operator.

With the advent of the night tube proposal, LUL has began recruiting internally and externally for Night Tube Operators. Check our job board to see if they are currently recruiting.

I am 18, can I apply for a train driver job?

No, the minimum age required for driving trains on Network Rail infrastructure must be 21 and over. However, the minimum age for becoming a tube operator is 18. So for the London underground, yes, you can apply.