Learn how to pass the Train Driver 2 hand coordination test with our DUAL JOYSTICK (2 KNOB) Hand Coordination software.  a

In this system you will be tested various levels of difficulty.  With  level 1 being the easiest and then the level of  difficulty increasing through to the last level, you’ll learn how to harmonize your hand movements and negotiate curves on a very narrow track.

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Discover How to Pass Your 2 Hand Coordination Test

with the our

DUAL JOYSTICK (2 KNOB) Hand Coordination

Training System – Windows Version

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Two Knob Hand coordination


A practical software to PREPARE You 

for the new train driver pyschomotor and visual motor test….

This DUAL JOYSTICK (2 KNOB) Hand Coordination Training System:
  • lets you to understand how the test works and it is the best way to prepare for your 2 Hand Coordination Test….
  • trains you to speed up, improve your accuracy and motor skills between the eye and the hand.
  • improves your ability to coordinate both hands
  • shows you how to master the 2 hand coordination skills test as you play the game. And increase your chances of passing the 2 hand coordination test by 7x
  • provides a game interface is close to the one you’ll meet at the test centre
  • builds your confidence in handling the 2 Hand Coordination Test
  • trains and test you at various levels of difficulty
  • will enhance your scores at the real test
  • gives YOU a truly unfair advantage because it was built and test by insiders who are now train drivers


Train Driver 2 Hand Coordination Test

Train Driver Psychomotor skills Training System


Important things to Note:

  • This application has been designed to use game control pads like XBOX / Arcade dual joysticks unit and keyboard. You can use any of these controls to play
  • Whenever you are at assessment centre follow the instructions the administrator gives you.
  • Download is only compatible with broadband connections
  • Available for immediate download after purchase
  • No shipping cost, no waiting, you can have it on your PC now   


2 hand coordination test vts

A training system to develop Your eyes and hands coordination



 System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP/2000, Window  Vista Home Edition, Windows  7, 8 and 10

Processor: Pentium III Class Processor and above

RAM (MB): 128 MB


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Do you want to pass the 2 Hand Coordination Test and Become A Train Driver?

I guarantee that you can’t lose with this training system.


The difference between your aspirations, dreams, goals of becoming a train driver and ACTUALLY BEING a Train Driver is taking actionable steps that will get you there!


  • Compatible with XBOX 360 and PS4 Joysticks. Configure this at the menu. No worries if you don't have a joystick. You can use your keyboard.

  • Excellent customer service. We will support you all the way through.

  • You can do the test on this training software with your keyboard. Although joystick is highly recommend.

  • It comes with time function. This trains you to speed up.