Vigilance and Reaction TEST TRAINING SYSTEM – Windows Version


In the WAFV Test, a grey box will be shown to you. Your task is to react in good time every time it turns or switch to black. The maximum duration of this test is  about 30mins. WAFV Vigilance Training System has been designed to help you increase and sharpen your vigilance and reaction skills. An awesome and user friendly software that brings you closest to the real WAFV Test. This practice material has two modes: Training and Testing. The training mode allows you to train with auditory while the Testing mode does not. So you can enhance every aspect of your sustained attention. WAFV Vigilance Training System is highly recommended for aspiring trainee train drivers. This program will help you to  prepare fully and pass the vigilance test.


Vigilance and Reaction Test Practice Material: Now is the time to start preparing yourself for the WAFV Vigilance Test so you can pass at the first time with confidence.

Discover How To Pass Your Vigilance Test


The Vigilance Test is a computerised test.. This test is used to measure your power of staying alert and responding at the right time to changing stimuli. In this trainee train driver assessment a grey square is displayed on a computer screen, your task is to press a green button on a customised keyboard whenever the grey square changes to black. There are various subtest of the WAFV Test.

The one you will be tested on if you are in the UK is not auditory. The length of this test is 30 minutes for the UK Train Driver WAFV Assessmnt.


If you look carefully at the image below – in the oval –  you will notice this keyboard I am talking about.


the Ultimate Vigilance and Response Test Training System

The Vigilance Test Training System or practice material is a software kit designed purposely to help you train and pass the train driver vigilance psychometric tests.  An easy and user-friendly software built to emulate the Assessments.


Available On CD And Download Now.


Keep On Reading To Find How This Training Kit Can Help You To Pass The Train Driver WAFV Test  So You Can Move To The Next Level Of Your Assessment.


Before designing this vigilance test training system we interviewed current railway staff who have actually sat this test. We interviewed those who have passed and those who failed. The idea was that if we know what the actual test looks like, how they pass and how they failed then we can come up with a practice material for the WAFV that is guaranteed to make anyone who uses it a success.


To make it a true training and testing device that sharpens your vigilance and reaction skills we fed into it a psychological data from 138  students from America who have done a similar vigilance test.

 vigilance test


What you’ll get out of this Vigilance Test Training System:


Training Menu

The training menu actually trains you to build up your vigilance and reaction skills. The reason why we designed this menu is because our interviews revealed that the staff who failed find it very hard to sit down, focus and react when the grey square becomes black. They simply missed some of the blacks.


We believe in training. And so we asked how could we develop a training system that can train people to acquire good vigilance skills in order to pass the WAFV assessment. Then we went to research the inventors of the WAFV and other psychological sources. So based on our findings we came up with alarm (auditory) and colour (visual) systems to keep you engage in training for 30 minutes. We know that staring a computer screen for 30 minutes can be boring. That’s why we built this menu to help you.


The software also intelligently display your score at the start of the training as 100% and keeps it visible on the screen. You must then work to maintain it or it will keep dropping till zero. Vigilance and Response Test Training System (Practice Material) recognises that you can only be motivated to stay alert if you see your marks decreasing. The purpose is to train you to build the necessary skills so you can pass the test


Testing Menu

This menu is identical to the actual test. Like the actual test there is no auditory (alarms) and Visual (colours) to help you focus. In fact if you miss a black square you will not know. WAFV Vigilance Test Training System brings you remarkably closest to the actual test. It is the place to come test yourself after training for a while.


In this menu you only get to know your scores at the end of the test. WAFV Vigilance Test Practice Material knows it is a test so it only tells you whether you have passed or failed at the end.


Keyboard or Mouse

To emulate the actual test this software allows you to use your normal keyboard’s spacebar in the same way  you would use the green button on the customised keyboard at the assessment centre. It also allows you to use your mouse to click the green button on your screen. So you can use a mouse or keyboard to play, whichever one you like. The choice is yours.


Smart Cover

Judging by cover. Always take second look at first impressions. The CD cover for this practice material comes with the image of actual keyboard so you can get a fair idea of what to expect on your assessment day.



It comes with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide on how to install and use the software. You can maximise or minimise the window to your preference.


WAFV Vigilance Training System (Practice Material) is the best and the most comprehensive way to prepare and pass WAFV Vigilance Psychomotor Test.


A powerful and remarkable piece of technology sharpening your vigilance and reaction skills so you can pass this sustained attention test and move on to next level of the train driver selection process…

Giving you straight feedback on your performance….


All from the comfort of your personal computer.


How would WAFV Vigilance Test Training System help you Pass:


  • Dramatically improve your vigilance and reaction times so you can pass the test
  • Brings you closest to the tests so you know what to expect at the test
  • Strengthens your eyes for the test so you develop the ability focus on the screen
  • Develop good sustained attention skills so you can pass the test
  • Increase your speed of solving problems
  • Improve your psychomotor alertness
  • Increase your test scores
  • Sharpen your concentration skills
  • Take lots practice and mock test.


System Requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP/2000, Window  Vista Home Edition, Windows  7 and 8

Processor: Pentium III Class Processor and above

RAM (MB): 128 MB

If your operating system is not listed here contact us with your requirements may be we can code (cut) something out for you. Yea, Just for you.

If you want MAC Version contact [email protected]


What’s really worth noting:


  • Whenever you are at assessment centre follow the instructions the administrator gives you.
  • Download is only compatible with broadband connections
  • Available for immediate download after purchase
  • No shipping cost, no waiting, you can have it on your PC now 
  • Excellent customer service support


This software is exclusive to  Trainee Train Driver Info. It has helped hundreds of applicants to pass the WAFV Train Driver Test.  Why not follow their footsteps and other successful railway staff who have used this training material.


Buy and Download Your Vigilance Test Practice Material and Transform Your Ability to Pass the train driver Vigilance WAFV test Today.



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