There has never been an exciting time to join the railway, especially joining as a trainee train driver or getting into an operational role. Train Driver Trainee Jobs Alert 27/04/2016 has been carefully evaluated and selected for you to apply. This post will cut down the time you spend looking for railway jobs online.


April is usually the best time to join the railway.


Almost all the trainee drivers, non-management roles and entry grades get their pay rise in April. So you join at the time of pay rise. Some experienced drivers, on the hand, get their pay rise in September.


Well you can’t really complain with pay rise of – at least 0.5% above the Retail Price Index (RPI). The RPI for this March was 2.5%. So a typical pay rise on the railway, this April will be (2.5% + 0.5% = 3%). GTR Drivers are expecting a pay rise of 4.8% on £48,500, this Spring. This increase in salary is relatively better than most industries.


This week, we have the following on going trainee driver and other railway entry jobs such as commercial guards. Apply early to get short listed for psychometric tests and interviews.


To do well on the application forms, remember to give examples that demonstrate you have the skills and meet person specification in the job description. Tailor your CV by filling it with key phrases in the job advertisements.

On Going train driver trainee jobs and other entry posts


Govia Thames Railway (GTR) are looking to employ shunters for their network.


This is a trainee position with a starting salary of £20,370. Vacancy expires on the 28th of April. If you have the team working skills and can solve problems then it is a job to definitely check. Though the starting pay is not that great, this role can be used as a stepping stone to get a trainee train driver job with GTR group of railway companies. Click here to apply.


Arriva Trains Wales wants trainee train drivers!


I know this is what you have been waiting for! That train driver trainee jobs. Here you go – this post is for the Cardiff Valley Lines. With a starting salary of £25000 for sitting in the classroom and taking notes and memorising rules and traction, you can’t really whine that much.

Why not, if it is not enough for the bills. I hear you. Your pay doubles in 2 years, provided your you pass out. Even if you don’t, they will still keep you. May be give you a conductor or control role. Not bad! Definitely, worth a try. Application closes on May 8. Apply Now.


South West Trains is advertising for trainee guards and commercial guards.


Guards for Waterloo Depot.

Most conductors usually go for the train driving career route, so this opportunity if you’re to go for it will widen you future career prospects on the railway. Starting salary is approx. £20K rising to £30K after training. You’ll also get a regional allowance of about £2K. Top it with weekend rest day work (usually paid at a premium rate) and bank holiday work – and you’ll be making £40K easily. Read more and apply


Commercial Guard need at Salisbury.

With this post you’ll do everything conductors with an additional duty of checking and selling tickets on board. This extra duty comes with a price tag of £5K. During training, you’ll earn conductor trainee salary of £20K. Then once qualified your pay will rise to £35K – so you get £5k more than the guys on the conductor grade.


You’ll also earn commission on ticket sales. Plus a regional allowance of about £2K. Top it up with a little bit of over time and you’ll be making £45k. That is more than some train driver’s salary. No wonder why, most commercial guards don’t want to go driving!

Both job closes asap. So time to get your hands clicking and typing from page to page.


Great Western Railway are recruiting Train Managers


Train Managers wanted for Paddington. Train manager is a modern title for commercial guards. Like conductor is for guards. Though, the advertiser have not stated the salary, we surmise it may be in the region of £34K to £37K. This like most safety critical jobs on the railway comes at 35 hours per week.

So there is prospects of overtime and its premium rates. This job advert expires on May 2nd. Check it out now.


That is all we have for this week. All the best with your applications.

If you have applied for any of the posts above – whether you were successful or  not, we’d love to hear from you. Share your experiences, tips and tricks using the comment section below.





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